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Here are our cool artists' paintings submitted to the Paralym Art World Cup 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. Click here to see all the submitted works from around the world

Four Women - Artists

The exhibition 4 Women - Artists highlights women with disabilities in the arts. The focus of the work is what motivates, drives, and inspires these women and their creative journey.

Featured artists are:

Jenn Duncan - paintings, drawings, movement with marks and colour

Leigh Knapp - illustrations of Sponge Bob

Heather Robison - fibre art, featuring various techniques

Sarah Philion - blank line doodle art with texture

Art will be displayed October 2019 - December 2020.

Kelowna Senior Secondary School - Nice Colours: About Us - May & June 2019

These teens have all put their hearts on the line and worked very hard on these creative mixed media collages about themselves. We're very excited to exhibit and celebrate these innovative works.

- Amy Bradshaw, Cool Arts Artistic Coordinator

Mark Mercer - November 2018 to January 2019

Mark Mercer / Artist Statement

Well I would have to say that art gives our lives immortality. As a person we should not give up on our passion because when you create magnificent art then it can become something worth a lifetime. I hope my art inspires people to show who they are inside of themselves.

Art is in all of us. Without our art and God's art there would be less to share with the people you love.

I have started Cool Arts many years ago. My favourite art style is beyond wild. Just like other artists.

I do love creating different art so that art can grow like a little weed into a beautiful garden. My art is an expression of my journey through the world.

Shane Cook - June to August 2018


Shane Cook / Artist Statement

I am Shane Cook. My birthday is May 24, 1979. 

I go to Pathways and go to Access in Kelowna. I go hiking with Pathways and do Hand in Service, which is volunteering at the Kelowna Food Bank. I enjoy taking photos of Nature, yard work and going to the Hot Springs. 

I have been going to Cool Arts since 2004. My favourite things about Cool Arts are painting, learning new things and meeting new friends.

Jordan Lige - October 2017 to January 2018

Jordan Lige / Artist Statement

Life is a great ride.

When I paint, I feel relaxed and calm.

I like painting things like ninja birds and castles

and dragons because it's like painting a story.

People looking at it can make their own story out of it.

I also like painting houses because I live in one of my own.

I like using a lot of color in all my art - my favorite

color is red, but I like using blue too.

I also use pencil crayons in my sketchbooks.

Fond memories of Crysta Tisdale

Tyler Fennell - June to August 2017

Tyler is a 19-year old artist living with Autism. He was born in Gander, Newfoundland and has lived in Kelowna for 17 years. Tyler enjoys illustration and animation; drawing much of his inspiration from his favourite character Gundam and Japanese Anime. Art plays a huge role in Tyler’s life. He has been drawing, sculpting with modelling clay; and building 3D models and buildings since he was 6 years old.  He began attending Cool Arts’ Teen & Transitioning Adult program in 2014 and has continued to participate in Cool Arts adult classes. Tyler began drawing his Virtual X Series consisting of 12 volumes in 2015.


In addition to being a creative outlet, Tyler enjoys the sensory aspect of art creation. It has a calming effect and provides a vehicle for communication.

James Martin - March 2017

James is a 22 year-old autistic artist, born and raised in Kelowna. James loves exploring and mixing textures and colours.  Layering textures has been one of his favorite things since childhood. James loves to build layered landscapes, whether in nature – with sand, gravel, sticks and leaves; at home – with playdough, hundreds of stickers or pillows and blankets, or in the studio – with potter’s clay or multiple layers of paint.  James also loves being with others while he creates.  As a longtime family friend put it:  "The sheer joy that I have seen on James's face when spending time with family and friends, or doing an activity that he loves, is represented in his art!"

Melanie Marcotte - December 2016

"My art shows my passion for life and nature, and also love for my family around me. I love my planet."

Mel is an artist and also an artist representative on the Cool Arts' Board of Directors. She was born in Powell River, B.C. in 1976 and moved to Kelowna four years ago. She loves to do sign language and studied for two years at Emily Carr College of Art.

Shannon Armstrong - May 2015

Shannon is a very enthusiastic participant in the Cool Arts program. Her colours are always vivid and lively. Shannon's work was featured in the 2012 BCACL Conference Newsletter and promotional materials. Congratulations Shannon!

Meet Shannon Armstrong! 

Shannon poses with her newly painted canvas

Shane Cook - May 2012

Shane is an avid wildlife photographer and Cool Arts artist. Shane has taken an interest in photography for over nine years and has an extensive portfolio featuring everything from hummingbirds and deer, to wildflowers and dynamic, natural ice formations.  Shane is also a regular participant in Cool Arts regular and advanced weekend workshops. His subject matter consists primarily of geography and natural forces. Shane's photographic works are currently on display at the Rotary Centre for the Arts mezzanine.

Shane's "Storm Series"
Hummingbird Series on display
Shane's "Diversability" painting

Francis - April 2012

Today I learned of the passing of a dear man named Francis. Francis attended the Cool Arts midweek program for the last few years. He graced our classroom with his boisterous laugh and cheery smiles. Francis often drew pictures of lemons and plums; and his favourite colour was red. Francis will be dearly missed. Francis; I hope you've found your new pair of slippers. Safe journey good man.

Meet Francis!

Francis working hard on a new painting

Smile for the camera!